Having been an avid collector, combined with a love of buying and selling. Nothing delights me more than seeing people intrigued by my purchases that I have on display at my home. Which I allow a select few to view and many have purchased some items for their own enjoyment or to add to their own collections. Now that the kids have become teenagers, the house just doesnt seem to be big enough, for them and their friends and  me and partner Joanne, who also enjoys trawling the many charity shops, auctions and car boots with me in my search of many weird and wonderful items. So now I have decided to take the plunge to open a shop and do it for a living.

Having been given the nickname GAZWOLD it just seemed to be a good idea to call the business this.

So January 2016 Gazwolds is born.

Collectable Glass Bottles

Pottery & Ceramics

Collectable First Edition Books